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SterileBits® is a company that offers patented packaging solutions that improve product delivery to the sterile field while ensuring patient safety. 

Our team consists of seasoned veterans in device sales, engineers with numerous patents in orthopedics and spine, and packaging experts that worked with the most prestigious medical device packaging companies in the world. 

We have the only comprehensive catalogue of commoditized, sterile packaged single-use drill bits used in orthopedic trauma and spine surgery. Our drill bits are clinically proven to be 4x better in terms of sterility than steam sterilized drill bits. Additionally, our newly designed SterileBits’ Instrument Protectors and drill bit cards help reduce the risk of contamination during transfer.


As a spinal implant distributor for more than 15 years, I watched circulators/reps open tools for scrub techs with poorly designed packaging. This often resulted in contamination of the tool or the sterile field. I designed the SterileBits’ Instrument Protectors and drill bit cards, because it is both optimal for the clinician and for the patient.


– Craig Ford

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