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SterileBits is the New Normal
Use SterileBits® as your primary bit, or as an off-the-shelf backup.
SterileBits® individually wrapped, prepackaged sterile, single use drill bits will save you money by reducing the number of Surgical Site Infections and post-op readmissions.
Developed for Maximum Safety and Sterility
Patented Packaging Technology

SterileBits® patented Tyvek pouch and drill bit card delivers product onto the sterile field easily without contamination. The space saving package is perfect for facilities with limited storage space.

We Have Data You Need to See

A recent study was conducted by Antonia Chen, M.D. (current V.P. of the Musculoskeletal Infection Society) and Dr. Noreen Hickok (PhD Chemist) to determine if using SterileBits offered any advantage over conventional operating room drill bits in terms of sterility. The data showed that 25% of the drill bits taken from the consigned kits in each of the tests showed fungal contamination. SterileBits offers a 4-fold reduction in bacterial growth when compared to the drill bits retrieved from the OR. To get a summary of this study, email us at

We’re a technology company with a focus on Infection Prevention. Our company was developed and is owned by surgeons, physician’s assistants and veteran surgical sales reps that spend every day in surgery.
Hospitals don’t reuse scalpel blades or hypodermic needles. Why do they reuse surgical drill bits that cut into human tissue? Using disposable SterileBits® is a way to reduce the chance of cross contamination during surgical drilling procedures...


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