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SterileBits, Inc. is a young company with a comprehensive catalog of generic, sterile packaged, single use drill bits backed by a novel packaging patent.


We feel the world is headed toward single-use policies with respect to surgical instrumentation; especially tissue invasive tools such as drill bits.  Our vision is to be the leading supplier of single use drill bits for trauma, orthopedic, and spinal surgery.  Our bits may be used as the primary bit or as an “off-the-shelf” backup for when consigned or loaned bits get lost, damaged, or contaminated.


If you have demonstrable surgeon relationships or experience in medical device sales (especially in trauma) and you feel you would be successful selling SterileBits into your accounts, we would like to speak with you.


For sales and distribution inquiries, please feel free to contact us at 1-800-459-1587 or at

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