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A New Generation of Instrument Protectors

Expandable Base

Sterilant Window

Our design allows you to build a pouch large enough to handle curved and large instruments

Our open window allows for direct contact of the sterilant with the tools offering a better chance at getting it sterile. 

Finger Hole

Our patented finger-hole feature makes it easier to remove sterile tool from peel pouch 

We will be launching these products at the AORN meeting March 28 - April 1


We are looking for advice on how to present this at the meeting to surgical nurses as well as establishing a reasonable price point. If you answer a few market related questions, we will place your name in a drawing to win a COACH purse or portfolio. A great gift for yourself or for a loved one.

Landing Page-Coach Purse-01.png
Do you like our patented features?
Would you buy this without sterilization indicators?
Would you like a trial?
How many Instrument Protectors do you use each month?
Do you use 3M’s Comply product?
Who is your GPO?
Can you purchase this off contract?
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